Plank Road, Elgin Beverage & Pollyanna Brewing

Mommy, where do beers come from? Time to peak behind the beer distribution curtain...
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Plank Road, Elgin Beverage & Pollyanna Brewing

Time & Start/End Location

Jan 19, 2020, 11:00 AM
Plank Road Tap Room, 39W149 Plank Rd, Elgin, IL 60124, USA

About The Event

Mommy, where do beers come from?

We are changing things up. In this rare experience, we will be taking a peak behind the curtain of the beer distribution chain. Going in reverse you will see how beer goes from production — to your distributor — to your watering hole — to your mouth hole.

Starting at Plank Road Tap Room in Elgin, a beloved and frequent partner of ours—we will then venture off to Elgin Beverage to take a tour of their entire operation. Then, we move onto our final stop at Pollyanna Brewing in St. Charles to enjoy anything from a traditional golden ale— to a witbier with chili and lime.

All three of these stops on our tour work together to bring you the beers you love at the places you love.  

As always, we encourage riders to do a little research on flagship and seasonal selections that may be offered during our visits to each location.

This Tour Includes:

+ Luxury Shuttle

+ Expert Craft Beer Guide

+ 1 Beer @ Plank Road Tap Room

+ 1 Bus Beer (as always...)

+ Tour of Elgin Beverage Facility

+ 1 Beer at the Elgin Beverage Private Bar

+ 1 Beer @ Pollyanna Brewing

+ Deliciousness by Stix & Noodles

+ Vorlauf Goodie Bag (Snacks & Water)  


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